Question about Discovery era weapons while leveling up
Greetings captains,

  For the past few months I've been playing as my Jem Hadar, but now that I have him in a good place, and I have unlocked the T6 Vulcan Scout Ship from the Discovery Era, I've moved back to play my Vulcan Discovery Character.


  It seems to me that all Discovery era characters have the distinct warp in sound / effect, and the Discovery transporter effect, no matter what ship they are flying.  I approve.

  However, I am now level 15, I've noticed that all the weapon awards for my missions are all the 'standard' STO beams, etc, and not the cool kind with effects from Discovery.

  I could re-run the first two missions every so often to get new uncommon
-Prototype Photon Torpedo Launcher
-Phaser Beam Array
but that seems annoying.
(Seems I can re-run the new Mirror Discovery missions to get Discovery era ground weapons, assuming you want sniper rifles....)

  Am I missing something?   Perhaps I should just suck it up, and keep using the dropped loot, and not worry about it until I hit max level.  ; )


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The Discovery and Emperor lockboxes both have phasers and disruptors with visuals from the show, you can probably get some of the less-loved varieties cheap on the Exchange.

I'd not worry about it till you get to max level as you should be able to level fairly quickly. At that point you can begin to pick your ship 'style' as it were Smile
You can also buy the discovery weapons (mk 1) while at Discovery academy. I have a toon sitting there and dropping them to my account bank

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