Looking For Feedback on New Build
At that point where I need to start committing to sets and better equipment. Looking for ideas on how to make this bad boy even better. I only filled out the space fields in the skill planner. (as a side not, all the equipment in the planner that says MKXIV is actually MKXV - did not seem to be an option in the drop down)

Let me know your thoughts, and thanks again

the build looks good, but mixing beams and cannons, aren't always a good idea.

May I recommend this build if you stick with phasers.

The entire build has been reworked for the better, I feel.

These new tweaks to skill, specialization, equipment, bridge officers and duty officers, will benefit you with a high DPS build.

But please ask others to review my work, cause I know I don't know everything about this game, yet.

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