Skill points invalid / Respec ... KDF char
Hey peeps,

Due to the Winter event I've decided to powerlevel my KDF char and since I am a lifetimer, I have access to the B'rel Retrofit and the Pegqhu.
So it is time to skill my char accordingly.

However, whatever skill points I add, it won't let me keep them.
I've even gone so far to have exactly 300 000 skill points for space and 66 000 for ground, although I'd rather have about 290 000 Space and a bit more in ground.
It won't let me.
I don't get a save/ok button (don't remember), only a Respec button and once I close the skill window, all my skills are lost again.

Also cannot edit the skills for my boffs.

So either I've became a skilling noob since my last skilling (fed) or something is wrong with the points setup or something is wrong with the game.

Could you guys please advise me on this?

Oh, and of course here is the link to my skill planner: <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""> ... ayKDF_2241</a><!-- m -Arrow

I've gone hybrid to reflect the torpedo boat (B'rel) as well as the Cannon (and maybe beam) boats.

If I'd only could add the skill points into my game :-(
I have had the same experience after I upgraded to LTS. Just click the Respec Button and everything should be fine then.
They made some changes which basically meant that some layouts became invalid, requiring a fuller respec than you might have wanted to do
I've eventually hit the respec button and it worked fine.
Funny is, that I hadn't had even one point in my skills yet, so my skills couldn't have been invalid by my doing, so it must have been really some programming issues they had.
Got it sorted now and all is good. Thanks folks.

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