Commodities - How to get them really cheap!
Today, out of the blue, I made a discovery so startling, that I just have to share it with you and with you only. There is a Trader just outside the Kei system, which is right next to the Sol system. That Trader sells Commodities at a very cheap rate. So I made a little chart, that hopefully prevents you from using the expensive Replicator once and for all. Smile


Please note, that our Embassy has no Discount Commodity Broker yet. So contributing ressources to the Embassy may be worth the effort in the long run.


EDIT: Chart has been updated to show the correct prices for the Trader near the Kei System. It has previously shown the discount prices for Players using a Tuffli Freighter.
Excellent - we should test if the Klingons can get in there to get them, or if there is a Klingon version
If you have Raiding Party and thusly access to the Sirius Sector Block, it should be possible. On the other Hand, seeking a klingon equivalent should be an honorable goal, too. Qapla'!
Quote:Disregard the whole Thread. I found out today, that the special Discount were granted, because I was in my Tuffli. So there is no need to go to the Kei System after all.
So it stays the same. Just go aboard Tuffli Freighters by asking for invites via the "Public Service" channel or via the "STO Academy" channel, when you see me on Freighter Ops.

LLAP and a happy New Year.

EDIT: Please disregard the quote. I have been convinced to update the initial post with the correct prices. Smile
Indeed I a have already bought quite a bit from the trader in Kei so it was good information you shared.
Alright you Guys, I have updated the Spreadsheet. I searched for the klingon equivalent of the Trader near the Kei System, but was unsuccesful. It seems, that there are no Sector Space Traders in Klingon Space at all. All the more reason for KDF Toons to use the "Public Service" channel.
I can confirm, KDF chars can also buy here - if you can get there! Even if you don't have the right Marauding lvl for it, you can still be granted it by someone who does. Getting there isn't too bad, as it's just off of Eta even if you don't have the option to transwarp.

It's a shame, as that was pretty much my only reason for calling a Tuffli, and I've wasted a lot of ECs looking at these figures. Around 20%, in fact
ChrisHerr Wrote:Thank you for updating the spreadsheet!
However, the prices you quoted at Kei were better then what I am getting as a Fed Vice Admiral with Dip 4.

Weather Control 450, Stem Bolts 800, Industrial Energy cells 300, and Seismic Stabilizers 1000

Now, I am confused. Are those the prices you get? Because they are the same as in the updated Spreadsheet.

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