Need Serious Help Beating Fek'lhr
I'm trying to play through the Klingon Empire Storyline, but I'm well and truly stuck at Fek'lhr. I just can't beat him, no matter what I do! Angry  His attacks always kill me in one to two hits max, and my away team and Kahless are proving themselves to be absolutely useless!! I need serious help here!
I get what your saying since im trying to level up my newer toons and starting to get the gear not good enough problem again, but im also playing them on elite mode soo yea BUT there's ways to get past that...

First thing I check is if my gear is all maxed out for the level I'm at.
Next is to see if theres stuff i can use from the account reward claim areas in the reputation store or the dilithium store- I often find that the stuff in there is more useful than the game dropped items, ESPECIALLY the mirror dual pistols (that i put on my whole team) im not aware of any armor or shields in the rep store yet though, so may have to look on the Exchange for something thatll do from a lockbox drop.
Thats just the very basics id start with, hopefully one of our DPS residents can chime in with more suggestions for a leveling player...
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I usually just craft myself gear at Mk II and upgrade that. I can very easily craft you a full set of gear that you can upgrade it will do until you get to higher levels.
Thanks for the replies; but I finally managed to beat Fek'lhr just a few days ago. Crafting some new gear for my toons is what finally did the trick.

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