Dyson Warbirds missing

I was trying to enter a build earlier, but I found out was unable to select the ship I want to use. None of the Dyson warbirds were available in the ship select drop-down, either the T5 or T5u versions. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Did you select Romulan Republic as the faction and Tier 5 Vice Admiral as the tier?

Yes to both questions (I also looked under Tier 5 Upgraded).

Some of the options that are there look to be there twice (i.e. when I type "dyson" into the text box, the list of ships that show up has some entries in there twice).  Maybe that ties into this...?
Some may be Fed/KDF since Romulans have access to them too.

Sure, but what I get, for instance, is the Dyson Surveillance Science Destroyer (the Fed one) is in the list twice, but the Romulan one isn't in the list at all.
I'm pretty sure the ship configuration is the same, but in any case its definitely there


Not for me it isn't.  :-\  I'll try and screenshot it later so you see what I see.
Here https://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/2da8...c368514847 you can save a copy of it for your own use.

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