Not even sure where to start.....
I have been playing STO for about 2-3 years now. Most of that time has been solo. Now I am in a fleet and I have no idea where to start, or even how.

I have 4 characters now. 3 Level 65 Fleet Admirals, and one Captain. I watch the calendar and try to make it for events, but most of the time I miss out for one reason or another. Are there any online running missions or something that want to team up or at least is anyone on Comms? I look in Discord, but I never see anyone in a voice channel and not sure if I should just drop in or what.

Maybe I need a "Big Brother" to help me. LOL

Anyway, just rambling while I wait for something at work to finish so I can log in and work on getting my Captain up to Fleet Admiral.

I would be more than happy to assist you

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I'm online fairly regularly between 1830 GMT to 2130 GMT during the week at the moment, been running various TFOs with the Fleet, and I'd be happy to bring another along for the adventure!

Thanks! I really appreciate it. Probably should say I am a PC player, so not sure if PC and console interact with each other on the server.

Now that I am not brain dead from work and can think without rambling... thought I would respond. 

I am more so looking for a guide to STOA as well as people to game with in STO. I don't mind doing the mission episodes solo, but I think I need to learn more about other forms in the game. Not to mention help with building an effective ship loadout, doing keybinds, etc.

Like I said, I have been palying for about 2-3 years, and have learned more this round than I did previously about the game. mainly because I started using resources like STOA and the STO Wiki for information. I want to be more effective at combat in game for either PVE or PVP, solo and with a team.

I was more wondering if we had something like and orientation for STOA to learn the ins and outs of the fleet, and maybe even some instruction on setting up an effective load-outs for both ship and character/crew.

Thanks again!


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