Borg Cutting Beam
Evening all

Do any other Cutting Beam owners have problems with it? I have it mounted aft but it doesn't seem to firing.

Anyone else have this problem? I can't find anything online about it, either.
I haven't bought one yet but I'm assuming it works like any other weapon. How are you firing your weapons? Click the button or auto fire?

Auto fire - to test it out properly I turned all others off and was pressing the number...........nowt
Hmm I don't know. Maybe someone who is using it could help you out more than I can. If anything try taking all weapons off then go into a PvP match with a friend to test it out.

I have it and it works. No problems that I can see.
Checked to combat log - it's firing, it just doesn't look like it is. Does good damage, too

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