Theorybuild: Presidio Tactical Command Flagship
So it's been a while since I played STO before coming back. We're talking at least a year absence, during which Victory is Life hit along with a lot of other goodies. I made an attempt at upgrading my old build, but I'm not certain I made a good job of it considering I've been out so long, amongst other minor brain-farts. I'd definitely appreciate it if other, more experienced folks could take a look over it and critique it.

Here's the build's link. Now, one thing I tend to do with my builds is build around a theme, so it might be a bit of a challenge to make something useful out of this. It'd be appreciated if we could keep with it, but honestly, I think you guys know far better than me. So let me lay out what I had in mind here...

  1. Keeping to Starfleet canon, 'cause I'm a major nerd. Initially this meant phasers and photons, but I think I've seen them make a shift towards antiproton? I could be wrong though. Plus I've heard some reps have T6 phaser variants. This also extends to the use of the Peregrines (Which I leave in Escort mode 99% of the time), because a flight-deck that uses shuttles offensively seems... off to me. I've generally found phaser weapons and procs decent, but I know some folks swear by disruptors or plasma.
  2. Space role. Initially, this was a tank/DPS with some team buffs thrown in, but I worry that's doing too much where it becomes a jack-of-all-trades. I do quite like the Presidio's command seating for throwing down a rally beacon or saving a team-mate at low health, so if I had to drop one of the three roles, it'd be taking less DPS for more support ability.
  3. Specializations. I know that taking Commando as a secondary is a bad idea. But I'm a lazy jerk and would prefer not to swap every time I end up on a ground TFO. Command as the primary is another thing I'd want to keep, because it fits into the ground role I planned for, again a tank/support role.
  4. Consoles, etc. I've missed a lot of the event-restricted stuff, so anything you guys would suggest would need to come from the Z-store, Fleets or Lobi store. Sadly, I realized that too late when upgrading the build above, hence the Prolonged Engagement set. I have no clue how often the Kobayashi Maru event comes around, or if it ever will again, so let's err on the side of caution for now.
  5. Traits. A lot of builds I've seen from Reddit tend to sing the praises of Techie, which as a Caitian is a trait I can't get. So that one's off-limits. Otherwise, the above rule stays in effect.
I've got other builds to upgrade as well (I pretty much have six toons total), but I figure getting one kitted out at a time would be for the best. Plus this one's potentially the most complex given the above rules.
Well I think you have a very strong build the - SL's are the best weapons in game. Unfortunately I have not done any phaser builds so I can not advise you on what consoles work best with it. And most of what I use comes out of lockbox/lobi ships.

I would chose Two space specialisations thought to slot - as you should also chose the all space and all ground traits respectively when doing a space or a ground STF. In terms of space role I would just do what ever you enjoy the most - and having someone who can do dps and survive at the same time is good!
If the Kobayashi Maru event would run again, I'd snap up all the Sensor-Linked weapons I could. Problem is I missed the last run of it, so I'm primarily looking for something to swap them out for. That and the Prolonged Engagement set. I didn't realize they were BoP when I read up and slotted out the build. Got any suggestions?
Sensor-Linked weapons are a lockbox item so they are available on the exchange(and in the Infinity Lockbox)
Oh. Well, I feel dumb as bricks now. Time for me to get mining and grinding then! Thanks!
No problem and good luck

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