Missing Battle Ready?
Hi there,

I was looking to slot the Battle Ready trait, but I don't see it in the list of available Starship Traits.

Do you have the Eclipse Intel Cruiser? If so, you need to level the ship to unlock the trait.
If you mean in the skill planner, its there. See screenshot below

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(10-08-2018, 01:41 PM)Attilio Wrote: If you mean in the skill planner, its there. See screenshot below
Lol. Sorry boss. Didn't even pay attention to where this was posted. Just seen the question and answered it.

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No worries. Both our answers are equally correct and helpful.

Heh, I don't mean in-game, but thanks.  I meant in the planner.

Build in question can be found here.

When I open up a fresh planner page, I see Battle Ready in the list of Starship traits, but it isn't available on the one I linked above.  Attilio, in the past when similar situations have arisen, you were able to go "behind the curtain" and straighten things out.  Is this one of those times?

Thanks a ton.
So sorry, I've been really busy and this slipped off my radar. I'm going to take a look today.

I've been trying to figure this out and naturally it was the simplest solution. I didn't have the trait unlocked for all factions  Picard Facepalm you should be able to see it, if not try clearing your browser cache.

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