Dropping in to say Hi w/ questions
Hi everyone. I'm a 3 week infant to this game that's literally fumbling around in space bumping my head into every object out there. I am enjoying the game & barely getting a basic understanding on the mechanics of the game. Which I might add is overwhelming at times but I'm starting to connect the dots.

I am looking for a fleet to join. But I want to join one that is willing to help someone like me. People that will take some time to explain things, show me how things work. For example, differences in ships, what loadouts, what endgame is there, synergies, so on & so on. I'm not 1 of these players that blitz you w/ 1000 different questions at once. I blitz you w/ about 100 & disappear for a week or so to work on what you just taught me. Once I feel comfortable I return w/ the next batch of questions. But most of all & most importantly, I want to develop friendships. To me this is what keeps me playing.

Now some history. I'm an older player. & when I say old I mean I started my gaming playing pong on my parents big console TV. & yes that was before the Atari 2600. I grew up on star trek & star wars & have loved both ever since. I have played several MMO's but few hold my interest for long & those that do I'm still apart of. & STO is already pulling me into it to where I want to learn & actually be apart of the game. Now before any of you start thinking, well this guy probably barely knows how to turn a computer on, you couldn't be farther from the truth. I have been a programmer, network engineer, PC repair just to name a few, so yes I understand computers to the point that its scary. So don't worry I'm not a complete moron, maybe a little but not complete. Not yet anyway.  Tongue

So, before I sign anything in blood, do I even sound like a fit for your fleet? If not, hey no hard feelings. This is why I came here, other than the recruitment post from the STO forums, which was the only 1 that seemed to fit what I was looking for but w/out knowing or talking w/ anyone how are any of us to know.

Also, my apologies if I posted this in the wrong forum. Didn't really see anything for intro's so I just picked general. Feel free to move if needed & I'll even stick my paw out for you to smack it.
Of course you're a fit for our fleet! Hit the fleet banner at the top of the webpage and send us an invite request!

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Thx James, I've sent my request in.
Well met Tyrdragon! If you see me ingame feel free to shoot me any questions I'm always happy to help where I can! (@Belgevain)


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