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Still trying to figure out this game.

I'm having trouble with the Klingon War/Diplomatic Orders/Evasive Actions.

I am able to hold off the Undine Ship until help arrives, but then all we do is circle around and shoot.

The Undine Ship never goes below 77%.

What am I doing wrong?
I got it.

I think this is going to take me some time to figure out.
Let the allied ships help - it takes a while to take it down especially with the poor weapons you start with. Using torpedoes help a little.
Changing the power level of ships can make a huge difference too, as well as presets you can adjust individual levels as you require them.

You could also team up with someone who is a higher level and have them help you out.

Something else that might help you is broadsiding. beam arrays in the game have a 250 degree firing arc which means a ship directly to you side can be hit with all your weapons, fore and aft. I'm guessing you have 3 beam arrays by now (hoping you got one as a loop drop in earlier missions), load em up, put your weapon power to maximum and try and keep the bioship on you flank. Embrace the circle of death with it...

Also, if you dont have 3 beam arrays yet drop me a message in game (@spacewolf21) and I'd be happy to craft you some
Likewise, if you need any kit, shoot me a mail in game (@belgevain) and I'll get it crafted and mailed back to you. Same goes for any fleet mates in need of gear!


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