Piloting tip I wanted to share. Any more out there?
I picked up a brilliant piloting tip last week I wanted to share. 

Some of you will know about this but after years of playing I found out the other day that if you hold both mouse buttons down your ship will turn in the direction you are looking (on PC, can't speak for console). This has massively improved my piloting and targeting and enhanced my general game enjoyment. 

It also made me realise we spend lots of time talking about builds (gear, traits, dps meta tips, etc) but very little talking about  piloting. So, any other piloting tips out there!?
Obviously just me then, maybe its cos I usually play on a laptop so dont have a mouse unless I plug one in. 

I still think I'll write a piloting primer at some point (e.g. dont forget to use E and Q, you can fly with the mouse, etc) and post it here for critique.

Cheers all
I am fairly new here, but have been playing STO for a little while (not as long as most of you probably).

I knew about the mouse button thing, it also works with you character if you're not using the aim mode ("B" key).

I have tried lots of methods to be better at space combat. I am not bad, when flying episodes, but I still can die and respawn multiple times in some. I would love to see someone giving some tips and tricks to play batter. One of my faults is not using the keyboard as much as I should. That is my main problem. Maybe for all of us, with willing takers, have some combat training. Not sure if we are already doing this or not, butjust thinking for anyone that is still just a bit of a "Cadet" when it comes to the game itself.

Agree some combat training events would be great! To avoid confusion I'll start a new thread asking for training requests and once we've got some interest we can try and get some vets to give some master classes.

Welcome also, I'm new to the fleet as well but have been around in sto for a while. Hope to fly with you sometime!
Wow, I have been playing for three years now, and I never new that LOL. I will have to try it.
I guess the next questions that needs to be asked is what is the fastest way to target the nearest enemy.
Tab key targets enemies. There's also an option in the game settings to target off screen enemies and also ignore targeting small enemies like mines and hanger pets.

(10-26-2018, 06:15 PM)Attilio Wrote: Tab key targets enemies. There's also an option in the game settings to target off screen enemies and also ignore targeting small enemies like mines and hanger pets.

Yeah I think I need to setup a key bind, I am looking for Target Nearest Enemy, I tabbing though a bunch seems a bit tedious. If i was a super hacker i think I would come up with some sort of rule set like

1: Target greatest incoming threat (projectiles)
2: Target weakest enemy near me
3: Target nearest enemy

Target Next Exposed Enemy "G" Targets Next Enemy which shows on the screen
Target Nearest Enemy "N/A" Targets Enemy Closest to you regardless of on screen or off.
How do most people typically pilot around a target? I usually circle and fire broadside, but I’m running beams. It gives me the option of switching direction if my shields get low on one side. This works well especially if you can drop the shield generator and circle inside it.

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As I fly typically fly Escorts, I rely on facing my Target to maximize my damage. As such I try to 'line up' targets so I can do strafing runs over the groups, using abilities such as scatter volley and torpedo spread to deal large amounts of AoE damage!

Same here Belgevain! Thats how I usually fly: charge in at full impulse with guns blazing and key spamming! Big Grin I recommend using a mouse for gameplay, works on ground too and if you have a gaming mouse or just one with extra buttons on the side, you can rig it to keep your pilotship maneuvers or throttle on tap to improve your flying even more. But if you really want to feel like your flying, you can Tom Paris it up and rig a joystick for your space battles too Wink just search the forum archives for how if your interested...

EDIT: found the thread I was thinking of about trying a joystick: https://forum.stoacademy.com/showthread.php?tid=4685
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