The Phoenix Prize Pack Lost its Effectiveness?
I think it really all depends on the account owner...
If they have been playing since the start and haven't taken a break, they likely already have everything that the nix box has and don't have much need for it besides the upgrades that were tested to be as good as the omegas from the last time we discussed it in an older thread.
But they still are of value to any of us that missed out on any of those items. Things like Neal Falconer, Ang the Vicious,  Red Matter Capacitor, or even now the starship emotes, its still effective for me.

I still have a stack of 100 on my main that I was saving for another round of testing when I get them up to 1000, but I see the boxes are now character bound until unpacking, so yea...

Moving forward, what they will need to consider doing is starting to add in exclusive items as variants of the originals like what was done for creating t6 reputation items. Or even variants of the most expensive doffs (like a Zemok clone) to bring the prices down there too.
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
I hope they do it for two reasons it would be good to get a chance at a few rarer items and pluss it might improve the dill / zen market - it used to be the best time to exchange you dill for zen but now there is little difference Sad
(10-02-2018, 09:06 PM)tobywitczak Wrote: So yeah I am going to call this event a bust, I think the lowest I have seen in go was D267/Z1, I used all the marks I collected in the first evet a year back to pickup Doff and Emotes, but that is about it. The chance of getting an Epic or Ultra Rare are just way too much for my blood, I think we have seen the videos or people opening up a 100 boxes and not even getting a Ultra Rare.

Right now it seems the odds are somewhere around 0.25% for an Epic and 0.5% for an Ultra Rare. With those types of odds, Epic or Ultra Rare items should be should be account wide unlocks not per character. Then maybe it would spur some more interest in going to the event.

Just to give you an example if we go with the 2 for 1 downgrade conversion, then the odd would be

Epic 1.59%
Ultra Rare 3.17%
Very Rare 6.35%
Rare 12.70%
Uncommon 25.40%
Common 50.79%

The other option is to do an up conversion, like take 4 Common and then upgrade to an Uncommon.

Sorry, but there is no way the odds of getting an Epic are 1.59%. It's more like 0.0001%. I've opened thousands of boxes and never got Epic and maybe one or two UR.
some of the stuff is good on alts to.  I always got the upgrade token thing, cheaper/quicker.

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