Extended Maintenance 25th & 26th Sep 2018
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ambassadorkeal Wrote:Hey folks,

There is going to be some extended maintenance this week on PC, and a general change to our maintenance schedule.

Tuesday, September 25th
We'll have maintenance on all platforms starting at 5am PT and running for ~ three 5 1/2 hours. What Time is this is for me?

Wednesday, September 26th
We'll have maintenance on PC beginning at 5am PT and running for ~ nine hours. What time is this for me?

Because of this extended maintenance, there will be no PC maintenance on Thursday, 9/27, and we will once again be extending the Breach Event on PC by a day.

Thanks so much for your patience, folks.
That must mean AoD is pretty close... 

I'm guessing it'll appear just after the Breach event ends.
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Don't think so. The Maintenance on 25th was originally planned for 10 hours and was supposed to affect all platforms.
They should plan large scale maintenance outside of events - even if it loses a day of playing the game.
Launcher just came back online and now states the end of the maintenance as 12:00 PM PDT. A three hour maintenance, that silently was updated to 5 1/2 hours, does now take 7 hours.

Considering tomorrows planned 9 hour maintenance, I guess the Breach will be prolonged by another two days for a total of three days. Or is it four days now? I lost count and interest, tbh.
What are they doing that needs this much maintenance.
We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 9/26 at 5AM Pacific (1400 CEST, 1300 BST) for 8.5 hours.
  • Extended the Breach Event by 1 more day to end on September 29 due to additional network maintenance.
  • Added XP Weekend to September 27 – October 1.
(09-26-2018, 08:29 AM)Glebben Wrote: We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 9/26 at 5AM Pacific (1400 CEST, 1300 BST) for 8.5 hours.
And the launcher says 9.5 hours. Cryptic. 'nuff said.
This really is getting ridiculous.
It would be nice if extended maintenances like this will mean a few less regular maintenances in the future.
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