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first; bug, tried submitting via that, and it errors out on me, so if i have more than one of the same bug report, sorry, but it said it wasn't submitting them.

second; have you thought of adding a custom field, to allow for ships that aren't available via the drop downs? with enough players doing this you could build your db a lot faster. same for missing stats for for space or ground equipment.

once it's added, then it can be reviewed to add to the existing starship or equipment list.
Yup I've thought about it, but I need to build a system for that and most likely it wouldn't be available to everyone. Reviewing can actually be turn out to be a lot more work than receiving a list and adding them in myself. So for now everyone can continue submitting what's missing and I'll add them in.

ah, ok. thought it'd be able to help you get the ships in, with players adding enough, so long as there's no typo's, it'd be able to add to your db.

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