Legion Picknick at Nukara Prime
This is a Ground PvE Queue / Adventure Zone runs event (hosted by @TacPaddy_stoa) for KDF/KDF-RRF/KDF-DOM playing Fleet members of at least level 50 (due to the content).
The event lasts for 2 hours and starts on 21 September 2018 at 21:00 CET. Click here to check for your time. We will meet at the Nukara System in Sector Space.

A Legion team will dust off their EV suits and battle the Tholians.

The use of Discord is highly recommended to ensure real-time communications as typing orders in chat is a counterproductive distraction. You won't need a microphone, listening in to orders will suffice.

We are doing some team-based stuff out of the following list:
  • PvE Ground Queues
    • Nukara Prime: Self Destructive Tendencies
    • Nukara Prime: Transdimensional Tactics
  • Adventure / Battle Zones
    • Nukara Prime (Interior Caves)
    • Nukara Prime (Exterior Surface)

Now don't lose time. Go to the Events page and copy the event to your own calendar. Or better yet, import the entire STO Academy Event calendar and never miss a Fleet event again.

Live Long and Prosper
If anyone needs suggestions on ground gear to squish the vile space roaches (Tholians) give me a shout

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The Big Picnic... We had roasted tholians for the event...

I prefer my white for now though


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