New Support cruiser Trait
(09-11-2018, 08:16 PM)revdadam Wrote: We finally have the details of the new support cruisers:

The Federation one looks on paper to be better than the Engineering T6 Odyssey in nearly every way.

But what do we make of the Starship Trait - it looks pretty amazing; like a must have.  Will it be?

History Will Remember (Starship Trait)

Prolonged conflicts become more desperate - and more heroic - as time wears on, and only those ships and crews with the fortitude to withstand such onslaughts are remembered in the annals of history. With this trait slotted, each Foe that damages you will grant you a stack of History Will Remember, which imparts increased weapon damage, hull capacity, and hull regeneration. Each foe only counts for a single stack, no matter how many times they damage you. Each stack will last until you leave the map, and you may have up to 30 stacks maximum. Stacks may only be gained a maximum of once per second. 

In most PVE maps and queues (sorry "Task Force Operations") you are going to be hit by 30 enemies across the instance.

It looks like a good trait for an aggro tank, but would like to see the specifics.


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