Did anyone lose their cryptic account?
I just saw your last post. That message almost certainly means that you did the same thing I did, created an account without realizing it. IF you can get someone at PWE to actually look at a Supprot Ticket (and expect it to take between a week and two weeks for that to happen), they can at least give you the username on your account (possibly also your password, but I'm not sure about that). If you remember the user name and password you used to create the PWE account, try logging in to their main website using that username and see what happens.

Also, if you tried to create a linked account using your old Cryptic user name, you can't do that. You have to create a new PWE user name, like Attilio did when he went from being "Attilio" to being "Attilio_STOA". Be careful, though, because if you create an incorrectly linked account, your e-mail address will be linked to that account and you won't be able to creat any other accounts using that e-mail address. When I finally was able to activate my Gold STO account on PWE, I had to set up a new e-mail address in order to do it because I had used my existing e-mail account to create my Silver account when F2P came out.

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