Did anyone lose their cryptic account?
I feel for you. When PWE first announced that everyone would be forced to link their STO accounts to PWE, I went online to do it. Unfortunately, the instructions were so contradictory and confusing that I somehow managed to create a PWE account without knowing I'd done it (It was about two or three in the morning when I finally managed to complete the link). Unfortunately, nothing on the site let me know that a link had been created and I kept getting popups saying that I had to start the linking process all over again. I spent the better part of a month getting it straightened out thanks to the fact that PWE Support relies primarily on computer generated responses that pay no attention to the question you ask them. Of the three actual responses I got from real people, two of them totally ignored my question and simply referred me to their FAQ page, which I had told them didn't answer my questions. It took a week or more to get each live response.

I recently had a similar experience when I sent some Support Tickets to Cryptic. A couple of them got answered by Cryptic Support people, but a couple of others just produced stock responses from PWE's Support Computer saying in effect, "Thank you for your input but we have no intention of trying to answer your question." It took PWE up to 14 days to get that non-answer answer back to me. Good luck with your linking problems.

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