Did anyone lose their cryptic account?
Here is some other user advice:

"Some tips for those "Linking" thier account now... • Make sure you create your Perfect World Account Seperately! • Make sure if you have STO on Steam, that your Steam Wallet is linked FIRST • Link the accounts via your Cryptic Account Login, it is more difficult to do via the Login Screen itself • Linked accounts will over-write your Forum Account, anything you had on there WILL be lost • Always make sure you have a backup of your Serial Codes (available via your Account Manager) • DO NOT Link your accounts via Perfect World Account Manager, this WILL create a NEW Cryptic Account Just make sure you follow all the information provided on the STO Website, and you will be able to link your accounts fine."

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Did anyone lose their cryptic account? - by Tan92 - 12-12-2012, 05:27 PM
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