New Mission Journal Design
Check the Main dev thread in Arc Forums, Lets hope they add some much need Quality of Life Fixes

I created a map of Current Mission’s Journal and the New Mission’s Journal. Items in red are those episodes that are to be removed but are supposed to make it back into the game. I create a New Optional Secondary Mission Journal that has all the removed missions and where I think they should go in the overall timeline. In addition, I did a deep dive and pulled in all the Legacy of Mission Journal (yellow) These were part of the original arc and but were removed from the game when the story arcs were updated. A lot of the Legacy seem to make their own self-contained mini arcs, but don’t have any influence on the larger picture, but it would be nice to have for revisiting and doing a deep lore dive.

How this all works. From the Mission’s Journal all Main Missions are shown as they are now, but to the right of the name there is an arrow now, this arrow when clicked will justify and pull down the arcs/missions that were removed from the main arc, because a lot of the missions make up their own mini arcs, I grouped them together. Obviously this is just a WIP, name locations are TBD. Also there is a seconds nested justify arcs for legacy missions.

And finally in the mission dialoged box there is two new options, Accolades and Rewards. Clicking on either one of these with expand the mission dialoged box and show the Accolades and/or Rewards in the missions that you can still unlock, Rewards are special Rewards for unique items that can be acquired during the missions, not the standard rewards.  Accolades and Rewards would be greyed out for anything that was not unlocked

Optional Missions


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