Has Cryptic heard our pleas?
Sounds very exciting, especially about the bug squashing!
Was just on Tribble. As advertised Spectres and The 2800 are gone from the Mission journal. Available Tab however is totally blank and the missions can't be accessed from Sector space.

There is a lot of work left for Cryptic...
They did say they would be taking them offline to work on them - though I thought I read it as affecting the Live server as well.
Hopefully when they take them offline they eventually bring them back.  They've done that before and the missions never returned.
That was my biggest concern is episode suddenly disappearing. There are still missions the where removed and never added back. I can understand the cleaning of the timeline, but its not cool that the missions just vanish, especially when there is a accolade or special reward associated with the missions. I hope this also brings in a mechanism to recover some of the missions that were removed. There are a few that they say they want to bring back.

My thoughts on the journal.
They did say the missions would still be available through sector space - this is still to be implemented isn't it?

Think of the myriad of foundry missions you can start in sector space. I very much doubt these missions will be impossible to find or do.

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