Your vote for the top 10 Foundry missions
Looking for anyone's opinions on what they would consider their favorite top 10 Foundry missions.
I have only done a couple of them in the 3+ years I have played (mostly because often times The Foundry is down, or I'm unable to login for other reasons), but I've been avidly searching for a Foundry mission that TRULY tests the fullest capabilities of my ship.......I also want to know if there is a foundry mission that is set up for the sole purpose of weapons testing and build configurations.

So....any recommendations on a Foundry mission with a dynamic kick @#$ story plot and a rigorous space battle?, (don't mind a little bit of ground battle, just not much - I like to fly, man!)

I also have been thinking of possibly one day creating my first foundry mission based on my main toon's background story, (Admiral Warren Peace, my Tac Temp Op) and have been searching for pointers and tips on how to create one so that I can create a mission that requires the players to do some time traveling back and forth through time in the Prime, Kelvin and Mirror Universe to assist Daniels in time traveling back to Sept. 1942 to find him at the time of his death as a Tuskegee Airmen fighter pilot during WWII and take him to the 29th century Mirror Universe to train as a Temporal Agent for 10 years to prepare for time travel to the year 2063 to stop the Terrans from rising to technological marvel from looting a Vulcan starship after a tragic first contact experience with Zephram Cochrane..... (more of THAT story, later).

The plot is super juicy that spans across three timelines, two universes, causing you to experience first hand the battle of the Binaries, the tradgedy of Wolf 359, the battle of Khitomer, (and a secret ops mission that inspires Carol Marcus to begin the developing stages of the Genesis wave experiments at space station Regula 1), so.....I REALLY need the best advice from ANYONE who's a master at creating the most plot juicy and "functional" Foundry missions in game because I really hope to be able to one day submit this story to the Foundry challenge!

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I really haven't played enough plot/story-based Foundry missions but I did like Apex [AEI] which was actually featured on the STO website:
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