I'm not sure the name of the mission
It takes place among asteroids (yes there are a lot of those) and there are bases on some of the asteroids. It has 20 waves of attacking ships, most of which drop goodies that can be of use or sold.  There is a friendly dreadnought that joins you a few stages in, the owner of which says it looks like you're having fun, I'm going to dust the cobwebs off this ship and see what she can do. Does anyone know that mission? I did it and it's fairly uninteresting but I can always use the 'money' and the potentially decent upgrades. Smile
No clue. Sounds like a foundry (user created) mission. Did you happen to pick it up at one of the systems?

Also if you go to your mission journal (shortcut L) you can see the list of missions you've done in the Captain's Log.

I figured it out! I knew it was close to the earth. It's in the Beytan System, SI-9
Yeah that sounds like a foundry mission.


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