Collecting Colony provisions for the Legion
Hello everyone,

On 19th August 2018, we had the first Legion Colony Provision Collection event and it was a huge success. It's an event, that is going to be repeated every sunday.

The event aside, what can you do in between events? Well, collecting Colony provisions is no longer a time consuming endeavour. With the Legion Colony's upgrade to Tier IV, all collection sites are now very close by as indicating by the Map below:
Based on your skill at the minigames, it should take no more than ten minutes to collect
  • 250 Batteries (Score of 940 points needed to get all in one attempt)
  • 250 Luxury Goods (Score of 2240 points needed to get all in one attempt)
  • 250 Ore (Score of 775 points needed to get all in one attempt)
Contribute them to the open Colony projects or if filled, contribute them directly to the Colony Coffer. Remember, you can repeat that every 60 minutes.
So regardless of your Legion characters level or purpose, you should use them to grind Colony provisions for the Legion at least once per day when you come online. I'm not saying, that you have to come online every day, but when you come online, it would be awesome for you to contribute to the effort.

You can also collect Colony provisions by enduring / surviving the Dranuur Colony Invasion Scenario. There is a channel dedicated to these Scenarios and its website has all the info you need. We are going to do these Scenarios in the coming Collection events and recruit help, if necessary from the above mentioned channel.

While we are at the subject of effort. I personally like to ask you to "sacrifce" a day's worth of refined dilithium per week to the Legion Colony's projects.

Keep in mind, that there are no quotas to be met. Just take one for the team. You'll earn Fleet Credits after all. Wink

Thanks in advance.

Live Long and Prosper
Closing thread as these instructions have been inplement in this event-related thread.

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