"Age of Discovery" Expansion coming this year!"
(10-10-2018, 12:33 AM)RiverSong Wrote: I liked it despite it being a little short, hopefully they will expand more into it.
I posted back in AUGUST that they're rolling out new AoD content gradually rather than all at once.

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Quote:We will be performing shard maintenance on October 10 from 7-9:30 AM Pacific (14:00-16:30 UTC). Please check the forums.

Patching the bugs that appeared after yesterday's rollout...

I enjoyed the discovery tutorial a lot. I loved the graphics the voices etc.
As much as we are all frustrated by Cryptic from time to time, they are getting better. I wish they would spend some more time for Quality of Life Improvements. I have sort of started my own series in the feedback section trying to address some of the short comings.

Quality of Life Improvements for the Mission Journal
Enhancement for the Duty Office Assignments
Enhancement for Admiralty Missions
Enhancement for Accolades and Reward
Enhancement Bridge Officers

I also working on a Space Combat 2.0, Trying to make each ship feel more distinct, with a new set of options/configurations that while a major undertaking should not break the current combat.
So I have 4 x Emitter-Linked Phaser Beam Arrays from the Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser (AoD starter pack) and I've been using them throughout my career. Now level 65 and it seems their damage has scaled at every level? Noticed that even new, level-appropriate beam arrays acquired were inferior, I took a note of the damage rating at around level 61-62 and it was 603.3. Now at lvl 65 and it's 640.4. No new skills, no new damage-boosting equipment added in those few levels. No infinity symbol on them to suggest they scale. Sitting in Earth Orbit for comparisons.

Is there something fundamental I'm missing here?
No that was intend. However I think it only works for that ship. When I moved the array to another ship it goes back down to 120DPS. It a pretty nifty idea, but the ship becomes too much of a glass cannon for me.

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