I.R.W. Intrakhu is Invincible!
Anybody who needs my help with this should add Kha'ram [email protected] . He's a vice addy with a good tank of an Assault Cruiser.

"Use the Force, Harry"- Captain Picard, Lord of The Rings
The initial barrage is insane! I only just survived it by about 10% in my Gal-X.

All I did after that was run away from it and leave my fighters to have a go at it. Also, left a few mines and eject warp plasma to give a hand.

By the time i'd healed, it was down to about 30%, and just hit it with everything i'd got.

Pretty sure I got lucky though.
I found all the D'Deridex encounters really annoying on my first play-through. I've found it's all about how you set up your Boffs. The key is the Science slots, you need at least two Science powers I think - which is why I never use the Support Cruiser from Temporal Ambassador, it doesn't have the Science slots to go up against Romulan/Reman opponents.

Polarize Hull breaks the tractor lock so you can move freely. If you're a decent distance away and go to full speed, you can normally stay ahead of the torpedoes long enough to shoot them down with Fire At Will, Scatter Volley or Torpedo Spread, as appropriate to your weapon load. Of course, you need to have those powers available, so don't use them or anything they share a cooldown with until after you've survived the big salvo.

If you get caught with Polarize Hull on cooldown, or you're too close/too slow to evade, Evasive Maneuvers will get you clear, but it's got a long cooldown so save it if you can.

If you're going to get hit regardless, Tactical Team will reinforce the shield being hit, Emergency Power to Shields will reinforce them all and give you some damage resistance, Brace For Impact will reduce the torpedo damage and Hazard Emitters will start healing the damage you do take, as well as (crucially) cleaning the plasma off your hull so you don't take DoT.

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