*Spoiler* Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2 Trailer
The Season 2 Trailer is out. Fortunately I found a version that is not geolocked to the U.S. Smile

I think it looks great, and I'm pleased to see the traditional Starfleet uniform color scheme make a comeback.

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Eh, i dont know, i will still call it Disco when it is generic junk, and STD when it is a flaming pile of Canon-destroying SJW vs Drumphster fire bullshit. When Gene tackled social issues through TOS that would of otherwise been banned by the TV stations that aired it, he was able to dramatize it with innovative sci fi flare. But season 1 of Disco? Changed too much that didn't need any changing, and not just the "klingorcs"....

As far as I'm concerned, BOTH those that have tried to rationalize and retcon all the changes like Trekyards, Lore Reloaded, and Ketwolski, as well as those that have spoken up against the flagrant disregard for canon like Midnight's Edge, Captain April, Kevin Smith, and even Doomcock have very valid points that cannot be ignored.

Is Season 2 going to get the franchise back in line and on the right track? By the Gods, I sure hope so, BUT CBS had multiple opportunities to do something about it- such as explaining the drastic appearance change of the klingons as a sect that continued Phlox's work to counter the augment virus by amplifying and reactivating proto-klingon parts of their DNA, or simply allowing Disco to be a part of the JJ/Kelvinverse since CBS and Paramount are trying to merge again for the third time. instead of insisting that it is the same primeverse canon as TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT/STO... and then they show the Enterprise on screen as being TWICE ITS SIZE during a period that falls between the first and second pilots for TOS where its been well known just how big the ship is for the last 50 years. The only two ways to retcon that fuckup is to either make it its OWN Discoverse, and/or say on screen that the units of measurement they are using in disco IS NOT the same as earth meters. endless feedback loop made short: they should have never of split the IP rights to begin with, so they they would never of needed to change so much visually for their legal departments to be happy. It will take at least this season and maybe even the next for them to make amends to the losses they incurred through bad calls. But at this point, it may end up being a case of "too little, too late" to fix those problems.

As for the trailer itself, i mostly agree with Captain Foley's assessment he made in his first reactions video. This new Pike though doesn't seem to match up with how the previous actors played the part (seems a bit more like JJ Kirk than TOS or JJ Pike). Will have to see how the first couple episodes play out to see how that goes (and if it will be another Mudd's not Mudd scenario... and that last scene with the Sniffly Saurian was unnecessary, as it was obviously an quick attempt to be like The Orville, but hey at least they are noticing now! Smile

Speaking of The Orville, Season 2 is gonna be LIT! Big Grin THAT is how Star trek in 2019 should be!
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