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I am just curious if anyone has any idea why the Romulans were not made to be their own stand alone faction? when you get right down to it you still only have the 2 faction setup that i can tell. since once you hit a certain level you have to pick either Fed or KDF. was kind of a let down imo but besides that love the game been playing it basically since it came out with little breaks here and there.
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For the most part it is a standalone faction. They have their own story arc, ships, uniforms, etc. Selecting a faction, in my opinion, was primarily done for fleets. By the time the Romulan faction came a long a lot of fleets had already been well established (like ours). So instead of forcing them to create a Romulan fleet, they just allowed the Romulans to become allies so they could join the existing fleets. In addition to that they got some other benefits like access to access to that faction's ships.


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