1910 dil per STF now!!!!
Here's how I calculate that:

You get 960 dil, 75 marks, and 1 neuro processor per stf run with optional.
Turn in 50 marks and you get 500 dil
Turn in 5 Neural Processors and you get 1000 dil

So this makes 75 marks worth 750 dil (50 marks per 500 dil)
This also makes 1 neural processor worth 200 dil each (1000/5)

So let's total this up and you can get a average total of:
960 dil per elite stf
750 dil for 75 omega marks
200 dil per neural processor

Grand Total is 1910 dil per STF now!
Fleet marks should go to a player's fleet Tongue lol

Also neural processors are needed by players who want to purchase items from the store. Personally, I would suggest players hold on to their neural processors until they complete tier 5. After that they'll know whether or no they need them and can still turn them in for dilithium.

Actuall you can't turn in fleet marks for dil, only omega or romulan.
You wrote fleet marks in your first post Tongue


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