Hi, gamers. I have been noticing that some players are getting more out of the tailor than its defaults allow. For example really tiny characters or Starfleet aliens with Gorn heads etc. I have been wondering if this kind of thing is accomplished by editing the jpeg files in your screenshot folder? I opened one of them in notepad and all of the values are listed, however you cannot save the file as a jpeg wih notepad so it it is not the way to edit the values. This website has the name changer but it is limited in its functionality. If someone would like to explain the secret to modding your character and boffs Iwould really appreciate it.
My guess is that those players chose the Alien Race and customized their characters accordingly.
I suspect he is using a console command, as I have yet to see anyone make a gorn using the character creator.

The console command in question was made defunct when Season 7 went live, so he may have done this before the new season.
I have to agree with Jstagg here. I developed the program that lets you modify the costume file's names (which is modifying the meta data in the file) and didn't see anything that allowed you to change the race. That is determined by the game and not the save files.

When you load a save file it looks for all save files for the race you are working with. If you are editing a Human male then it will look for Human male files. If you are editing a Gorn female then it will look for Gorn female files. There is no way to change it so that a different race is being used.

Odds are it is the command that Jstagg mentioned.


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