Glorious Melee Combat
Astronomically thrilled about the new Discovery ground gear. More damage buffs AND a free lunge that replaces the attack I never use? Sign me UP.
I missed this thread originally but I love everything about it as I've always enjoyed melee in this game. Will have to build some of this on a Sci and test it out for myself.

I tried compiling as much information as I could in here so that it's half ground build ideas, half melee guide for whoever might come across it. Should help some people, just hoping enough people stick with it. I still dream of a team of 5 melees running around, all of which have Hive Mind and Miracle primary Command secondary.

A Sith can dream, can't he?

By the way, feel free to add anything I might've missed that you've found are important for melee. I know the biggest ones are combos and expose/exploit mechanics, but it's always good to pick up any tips. Not to mention having them written down somewhere, for everyone's reference.
Thanks so much for all this information! Started a new Reman/Sci the other day to give some of your melee advice a try... looks like I lucked out with these Discovery additions.

Any advice for away teams, while I'm getting myself up to the level cap? Do I want an all-melee team, in the hopes that they'll stay close to me, or is that just going to make them run off in different directions and spread themselves across the map? Maybe it's just me, but sometimes my away missions feel like I'm trying to herd cats. Or should I just get myself to level cap by any means necessary, and respec into melee once everything is properly set up?
Herding cats does sound accurate when speaking about boff AI... learning to use waypoints helps though (very intuitive via the boff interface on ground maps). I'd just focus on leveling to cap first, regardless which weapons you use on your way there. All my boffs have leftover rep ground sets I used to use, or mission reward sets. But I've been at cap since the cap was 50 and there was only three borg STFs to run... and I only have one toon, so my boffs & spare ships become extra 'bank space' for that stuff. Now that I think about it, if you're planning on melee for cap, I'd go melee all the way up also, if only to get used to the enemy AI and how it reacts to melee, using combos, expose/exploit, not to mention how tough your character has to be most of the time. Energy resists on your armor are a must, and your shields are going to be down most of the time.

One good thing to make certain of is your ground sci boffs all at least have medical tricorder, and give every one of them (especially the non-sci boffs) the white common tribble that restores hp, its cheap and reusable and they'll spam it if they need to (they LOVE devices for some reason). I'd also give them ranged weapons, I'd never trust them to melee properly (no combos, ever... ugh).

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