What do I do with Anomaly finds?
Hi all,

Just a quicky, I have a load of different elements and artifacts that I have recovered from the Anomalies. Some when I view them state they are Rare. However they have little or no monetary value so what do you do with them?

Also ships components I have some in my inventory, one is values at 2,000 credits. Other than sell them what are they for too?

Another thing the Skills Tree, what exactly does that do? I am just clicking away every now and then uping the numeric value under a particular skill, but havent a clue how it effects me, nor can I see any effect. Also what do you do once you reach the 9th level of that skill, as I have done that on one but the skill beside it is still greyed out.

Thanks and sorry for sounding dumb, but never having had a manual/comprehensive game guide with this game, im flying by the seat of my pants in trying to understand what to do, where to go and how to achieve and level up.
Anomalies are used for crafting. Check out the crafting guide.

If you cannot use a ship component then sell it.

Those skills boost your abilities, defenses, attacks, etc. They pretty much do different things. Read the description of each one to see what it does. You may also want to use our skill planner to help you set up your skills better. Reaching 9 means you've just reached the max for that skill. However some skills allow you to train a bridge officer in a particular ability if you put all 9 points into it.


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