General build advice for those returning after a break to play Victory is Life
The past few seasons of STO have seen some shakeups in the metagame when it comes to space DPS, so if you're curious for a walkthrough there's a great thread on Reddit with a recap.

TLDR version:
  • Beams and FAW is no longer the only option, cannons are preferred. Torps are still good if you spec for it and especially if you are running a sci/exotic damage build but this requires more work than energy weapons.
  • Iconian set is not the "meta" choice for the deeps, although is still good. Competitive set with Fleet Colony Holding deflectors is best (mods you want are in the link). 
  • What's the "best" weapon damage type? Whatever you want. Phasers and disruptors have the most set buffs (including set Omni beams or turrets) but everything is pretty good. AP is no longer king for damage with the changes in meta towards damage buffs and away from crit buffs. Pick a type you like the look of and then study up on which story episodes give out sets to boost it. In case you're wondering about weapon types, check out this thread I made which I will be updating for ViL:
  • Best weapon mods? It depends on your character slightly but generally Tacs should shoot for Dmg, Eng/Sci go for CrtD. Pen used to be best but is now outclassed due to "debuff creep" in the game, but its price has also dropped accordingly which is good. 
  • Embassy consoles are (mostly) useless, which frees up your Sci slots for something else. There are some good universal consoles listed in the Reddit thread and lots of info about ranking consoles on the Reddit STOBuilds Wiki.

This thread should become sticky.

Thanks for this great advice. It's not just valuable for returning players.

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I just decided on my main to equip each ship with a different energy type, plus one torp boat and went from there.... i admit I wound up with 2 plasma and 2 AP ships cause I had a bunch of that stuff.  Anytime an endeavor pops up asking for certain damage type, i just switch ships, do a red alert, and presto! done in 2 minutes.  Anyway just my $.02 but I get bored flying the same ship all the time so i like the variety.

robonixon's energy guides are fantastic and thanks for linking that reddit thread. I'm not a big time DPS chaserdude - my piloting SUCKS too hard - but I do like trying to stay 'in the know' and do the best I can having fun doing it.

Thank you all you Oh Great Informers of All Things STO.
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