Jean-Luc Picard
According to Memory Alpha, Jean-Luc picard was born in 2305.

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This pretty much means that in our current STO timeline, picard is 104 years old (Riker is 74).

I wonder what plans CBS have for him? Would they kill him off in STO, or otherwise?
Personally (I know this sound horrible!) but STO could do a lot worse than holding a massive funeral for him.
Although, in 2409 and the Star Trek franchise in general, medical care is feckin great!

Life expectancy in the 24th and now 25th century seems to be awesome. I just want to remind you, that Admiral Leonard H. McCoy accompanied the U.S.S. Enterprise-D on its voyage to Farpoint Station. That was in 2364 and he was already 137 years old.

However, Picard has been diagnosed with the possibilty of getting Irumodic Syndrome. So this could be a possiblity to exploit.
Ah but Spock being a Vulcan, he lives for hundreds of years anyway :-)
Jstagg Wrote:Ah but Spock being a Vulcan, he lives for hundreds of years anyway :-)

True, Vulcans have a Life expectancy of some two hundres years. Unfortunately, he is lost to the alternate Universe and would have died by now. Sad
So far they have him retired on earth. I dont know why he wasnt retired on the baku planet where he would have never aged.
Because he's an "offlander," he probably wanted to stick to the Federation principles (although it wasn't accounted for in Insurrection) of not interfering with Alien life. The Ba'Ku are alien, and even though he has good re pore with them, I doubt Picard would want to go and live that far away from his home.

Also, I haven't seen mention of him being fully retired. He resigned his commission and became Federation Ambassador to Vulcan.

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