Key combinations vs tray locations
I was wondering if any one has a chart that shows the skills tray in its entirety with all the key combinations associated with each tray location? I am trying to refine my programmable mouse to use my skills with more control.
I'm pretty sure it says it on the tray in game.

Row 1 is keys 1-0.
Row 2 is Ctrl + keys 1-0.
Row 3 is Alt + keys 1-0.
I think Row 4 is Shift + keys 1-0.

This corroborates info I found else where. Thanks for the verify. Now if I can just make it work the way I want it will all be good.
You can also bring up the keyboard map in hud settings for both ground and space
It is possible to make the skill buttons anything you want, via the key binds section of the options menu.
[Image: 9jilqcf.gif]
I did get all the key mapping linked to my mouse and everything is working great. But through the process I discovered another issue that has grabbed my curiosity. When you have items in your tray you can drag and drop to replace them with a different skill but is there any way to empty a skill slot? On different builds I have not all of the slots I have mapped will have a necessary skill to fill it. I usually just place a duplicate of a preceding skill just to fill the slot. It would be nice if I could just leave it empty.
Right click and hold the ability then drag outside of the tray and release

Cool. I will give that a try tonight. Thanks.

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