Victory is Life!
I will pay money for more Garak.

As much as I may be disappointed for Cryptic taking the "easy way out" and starting the Jem'Hadar at level 60, I'm willing to let them work this out over the next few years.  Here's hoping this is the massive expansion that everyone wants, more on the scale of Delta Rising than Agents of Yesterday.
[Image: 9jilqcf.gif]
Well, that didn't take long. Garak and Bashir have been confirmed.
I'm looking forward to this new expansion, the ship above screams Cardassian. BACON IS LIFE! Err rather Victory is life, but it can both be life. Lets try and get things done before it hits. Lets get on it! Smile
so I was thinking, with this expansion premiering in June, maybe it's a good time to start a rewatch of the series?

and that ship is uber cool looking for a 24th century keldon successor... though i wonder if it's from the C.U. or from the True Way...

Any guesses for the other additions of the cast, besides Worf and Nog? Weyun #---?  Jake Sisko? Anjohl/Dukat??? 
I've still got some money on Sela and Mirror Leeta popping in there somehow...
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(03-22-2018, 05:30 PM)dammitjim76 Wrote: Well, that didn't take long. Garak and Bashir have been confirmed.
Oh my gosh. Bashir being a Captain? Please let it be a medical ship...... PLEASE!
Looking at the screenshots on their website... they really need to update the games engine when it comes to bodies/faces.

Looks like poor Kira's done 10 rounds with a Gorn cage fighter.
Looking forward to it, the game has been a little stale for me lately.  I have 3 toons i probably should put through the delta, and other areas but I really don't want to.  Not sure if i want to play a Jem'Hadar since I find them to be as appealing as the Reman.  But I will will do one because a  new story arc needs a need character. 

Though a Cardassian or a Founder would be more interesting maybe even a vorta if we are going to do a little more history on that species.

Kira looks fine, maybe a little older. Most of the characters don't look perfectly like the actors which is fine. As long as they look close enough for any of us to go Oh that is.....
Just watched this week's Ten Forward stream and there was only one tidbit of interesting information about ViL. Someone asked in chat if there would be new JH bridges, and the answer was "we can't talk about upcoming content but I think you'll be pleased." Not a definite confirmation, but he might as well have said yes.
On this week's Ten Forward stream, it was announced at Aron Eisenberg is returning as Nog for the expansion. There was a good hour-long chat with him (in which I made him laugh twice with my snappy one-liners) and he seems very excited to be playing Nog again. Now there are only four more returning actors to be announced.

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