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(06-19-2018, 04:55 PM)MichaelGill Wrote: I think the restriction has been lifted as I have 3 tactical SROs on both my mains (Human and Klingon). But no sci or eng offer a bonus so the Jems will be a nice addition to the crew. Also will only need 2 SROs on remaining toons with the JH tac on staff. If all active space Boffs are offering a bonus that will really help. I need to unpack them and start promoting and training them. Thanks TP.
PS: I have all my space weapons at (CrtD/DM) (Dmg)x 3 or 4 so any additional hit or severity bonuses are welcome.
I have a similar setup with all three Jems and two extra Tac BOffs, but even still I've been getting stomped by the "Targeted Pulsar Inverse Magnetics" attack from the Hur'q's Necrid Assembly and Necrid Capital Ship, (a single strike has been turning my Tac Odyssey's hull into a paper Dixie annihilation of my entire ship in one blowwith full shields and 100%hull capacity?!!?... what the heck IS this weapon?? Have you or anyone else figured out how to stop this attack or are able to defend from it? Sto gamepedia doesn't even have a description for this weapon yet or what energy power it is)...

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