Victory is Life!
Major news about this summer's expansion was just released here and I have to say, I'm rather excited. 

1. Rene Auberjonois is returning as Odo, Armin Shimmerman is returning as Quark, Nana Visitor is returning as Kira, J.G. Hertzler will continue to play Martok, and other actors to be announced later for a total of 10 original cast members from DS9.

2. The Jem'Hadar will be a playable faction, not the Cardassians as many hoped/expected.

3. Level cap will increase to 65, new queue, new battlezone, new "progression system" (whatever that may be), and "a new gameplay feature that takes players into a war between the stars to save the Gamma Quadrant."

4. Six new storyline episodes.

Really looking forward to this expansion now!
cool, something new to play with.
All sounds good apart from the level increase - I hope the weapons will increase a level!
I was reading another site's article about the expansion and noticed this screenshot of a new ship, too. Not sure if it's Jem'Hadar or Cardassian or what, but it looks decent.

That looks tremendously Cardassian

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We have to assume the Jem'Hadar faction would come with Changeling and Cardassian playable characters, ships, etc. Possible even some of the Gamma quadrant species we've seen too. Although I find it odd they're calling it the Jem'Hadar faction and not the Dominion faction.

When you assume you make an ass out of u and me

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Now we have something to look forward too.
I watched Cryptic's weekly livestream tonight like I usually do, but I was especially interested since they were discussing today's big news. I decided to post a few of the more interesting (at least to me) bits of info they talked about.

1. Cryptic is steadfastly refusing to elaborate on other actors reprising their DS9 roles, but there were a few mentions during the stream of "other sources" releasing names that they wouldn't confirm or deny would also appear in the game. A little googling brought up this article on which contained a small interview with Armin Shimerman, and at the end they listed Shimerman, Rene Auberjonois, Nana Visitor, and J.G. Hertzler, but ALSO Alexander Siddig (Dr Bashir) and Andrew Robinson (Garak). I guess we'll have to wait and see if this is true or just rumor.

2. New Jem'Hadar characters will start at level 60 for both ftp and sub players, and will "probably" have a custom set of gear, skill setup, and with some specializations and reputations partially complete. You will still be able to choose a career (tac, sci, eng).

3. There were multiple and obvious teases for a revamp of the DS9 map like the one that was done for ESD a couple years ago before Delta Rising launched.

4. The devs won't confirm or deny if there will be playable Cardassians, changelings, or Vortas, but made mention that the new faction is definitely called "Jem'Hadar."

5. Jem'Hadar characters will have their own name generator for ships and characters, as well as their own UI skin which was described as being purple/green/yellow.

6. The devs wouldn't officially confirm it, but they all but admitted that the new ship in the pic accompanying most of the press releases seen here is Cardassian and will be able to be flown by players.

7. They won't confirm or deny whether or not there will be a recruitment event like there was for Delta Rising an Agents of Yesterday, but did say there will "probably" be a character slot given to players if there is a recruitment event. So maybe they confirmed it without really confirming it?

8. Jem'Hadar characters will start out as members of the Dominion, but they wouldn't go into any details about whether or not those characters will have to join an alliance like Romulan faction characters do.

9. Jem'Hadar characters will start with "more than zero but maybe less than two ships," whatever the hell that means.

10. The devs are hoping to have every type of gear able to be re-engineered by the time Victory is Life is released.

11. There will be NO T7 SHIPS in Victory is Life, nor will there be T6-U ships.

12. Travel to the Gamma Quadrant will be available in sector space, similar to traveling to the Solanae Dyson Sphere and the Delta Quadrant.

13. There will be a new battlezone that will be set in sector space between systems but not actually happen on the sector space maps. This is apparently being designed by a dev named Jesse and quite a lot of people in the chat for the stream were very excited about that.

14. There was a tease for a Victory is Life foundry author contest.

15. There will be more experimental weapons

16. Going from level 60 to 65 won't take too long since the 6 new storyline missions will get you "most of the way" according to Borticus. It definitely won't be the long slog that 50 to 60 was when Delta Rising was released.

17. Jem'Hadar characters will be fully customizable in the tailor and will "probably" get new Jem'Hadar bridge officers that are customizable as well, unlike the one you can choose as a reward for the mission "Facility 4028."

18. There won't be a new rank title for reaching level 65. Characters will remain Fleet Admiral/Dahar Master.

19. Players will gain spec points for leveling up all the way to 65.

20. Jem'Hadar characters will be able to play existing missions, but the devs wouldn't go into how that's going to work  yet.

21. The existing design for the Jem'Hadar is going to be updated, and there will obviously be no female Jem'Hadar.

22. The devs wouldn't go into whether or not Jem'Hadar characters will have a ketracel white addiction yet.

23. The devs don't know if there will be liberated borg Jem'Hadar yet.

24. It was all but confirmed that there will be another big ship/costume pack for Victory is Life as there was for Legacy of Romulus, Delta Rising, and Agents of Yesterday.

25. Jem'Hadar characters will have species-specific traits but they wouldn't go into any detail on what they are.

So those were the items I thought were of most interest from this week's stream. I apologize that the list was a little back-and-forth with the topics, but I was just making notes as I was listening to the video. I'm definitely excited for the expansion now, and can't wait to hear more about all the new content.

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