Fludicus the Ferengi: the Crew and Ships
The Crew and Ships under Fludicus
In this last section of the introduction, I would introduce the crew and the ships that Fludicus commands.

(Fludicus with some of his crew... You can guess who they are as we continue)

No starship is complete without its crew, and no captain is a crew in itself. Fludicus over his time commands a diverse crew of senior officers and a number of spaceships as he fulfils his commission to defend and protect the Federation.

Senior Bridge Officers
Mirra Asiura

Serving as Fludicus' First Officer, Mirra hails from the rich distinguished families of Andoria Prime. She had chosen to forsake those roots to find purpose in her life. This has led her to serving Starfleet and rising to the rank of Commander. Despite Andorians having a reputation for reckless emotional passions, Mirra is among the few known to being level-headed with the chaos of combat all round her.
Speciality: Attack Patterns and beam weapons. She has a tendency to target enemy ship weapons.

Thron Altodav
Arguably the third in command, Andorian Chief Engineer Thron had served long in space within the field of engineering. He looks to a cushy job planetside having earned much for his services, but Fludicus' combat missions has kept him on active duty since the Klingon-Federation War. It does have a silver lining: he is now courting Mirra, who is seemingly open to to his advances despite the disapproval of her family.
Speciality: Warp engines – He has recently been the force behind some of the latest series of engine upgrades.

Chio Armaat
Hailing from Bajor, Chio Armaat grew up under the shadow of the Dominion War. Her family's experiences in the conflict had made her seek a career in medicine. Her plans to take a spiritual rest following graduation from Starfleet Academy was sidelined when she was offered a spot on Fludicus' crew. Since then she never looked back.
Speciality: Medical officer – she runs sickbay.

Telleraties are known to be a species who debate argue, and trade complaints. Gepba surely lives up to it. She complains or comments about the daily life that a Starfleet officer takes for granted, be it the food they eat to the hairstyles of various crew members. Good thing she does it with First Officer Mirra, who shares many of Gepba's interests. All while Gepha handles the helm.
Speciality: More dangerous than her mouth is her skills with cannons. Spaceship Cannons. In fact, no one argues about her skills when she turns on the rapid-fire function of any cannon she fires.

The Surian female engineer is known for her quiet dedication to her work. Few mention of her achievement of being able to work in conditions considered dangerous, only to see her accomplish through the worst of circumstances. She is willing to face such risk of contamination and exposure as she was trained in the field of energy and shield emitters.
Speciality: Shield polarity and Subnucleonic Beams. She studied and specialised in these fields at the Academy and after.

Thirsiouv S Quayergirep
First meeting Fludicus at the K7 space station, Thirsiouv was assigned to him as his primary science officer. Since then, her expertise in the science has been noted time and again. As a Rigelian, she has reflected on deeply spiritual matters, being with Chio Armaat to discuss on the rituals and customs they both encounter.
Speciality: As a chemical analyst, Thirsiouv is the perfect officer to analyse any unknown substances that Fludicus or his crew encounters.

Freddy Dei Stuneevo
The young Alien officer recently graduated from Starfleet Academy. He earned a notorious title there, 'the goat', as a mark of distinction for his underperformance at the Academy. Nevertheless, he was fortunate to serve under Fludicus, who finds use for any officer that comes under his command.
Speciality: Arrangements. Freddy is in charge of making arrangements for all events held aboard Fludicus' Ships.

Speciality Officers
There are few officers in Starfleet that earned their commissions outside the Academy. Fludicus, while studied there part-time, had earned it though active service within Starfleet. Others who follow that path include:

Garso'Zan of Cardassia
A Jem'Hadar, Garso'Zan started his life fighting for the Dominion in the final campaigns of the Dominion War. He found himself left for dead on Cardassia (hence the name) by his very creators as he emerged from the ruins, only to hear about the end of the war. Due to a rare mutation, he found himself living on without ketracel-white, which was used to ensure his loyalty to the Dominion. As the months passed, Garso'Zan wondered across the Alpha and Beta quadrants until a chance visit on Deep Space Nine landed him a place teaching Starfleet Cadets the art of ground combat. Despite this renewed sense of purpose and new-found fulfilment of his abilities, Garso'Zan requested and was recently granted a new assignment on the frontlines under Fludicus.
Speciality: As a Jem'Hadar, Garso'Zan is an expert in Stealth and Assault. No one does it better than him disappearing into the woodwork only to strike the very heart of the enemy the next moment.

Selven Unimatrix Three
Seven of Eleven, Unimatrix three was liberated from the Borg Collective in the mop-up following the Vega Colony Invasion. Having no recollection of his previous life, and having lost most of his mental personality to the Borg, The former Borg drone chose to serve Starfleet in hopes of finding itself useful in any way possible. Serving under Fludicus is his second assignment, and thus far he finds his new commander appreciative of the expertise he has accumulated, even earning his new name in the process.
Speciality: Being a liberated Borg drone has many perks. Selven knows much in the way of species, sciences and stories that the Borg Collective had assimilated up to the moment of his liberation.

The Ships
While Fludicus had commanded a number of ships since the Klingon-Federation War, here are three that now stand out in his career:

USS Starlight Pony (Stargazer-A Class)
The ship was originally assigned to Fludicus when he was transferred to the Bajoran Region. Its age and lack of manoeuvrability was offset by its resilience and the skills of the engineering crew who devised new tactics to augment its combat capabilities. The ship's age slated it for retirement, but not before Fludicus was granted a new command of his most famous ship.

ISS Adam Smith (Mirror Patrol Escort)

Found derelict in the Badlands, the ISS Adam Smith was re-purposed to serve the Federation in time for the first battle over Deep Space Nine since the Dominion War. Since then, Fludicus has made it his personal warship, customising its systems so that it would be among the fastest and most destructive warships in Starfleet's arsenal. Boasting Mark XIII MACO engines and shields, its prime feature is the four heavy dual antiphoton cannons fixed on the fore of the ship, a symbol of its firepower.

USS King Washington (Sovereign Class)
While the ISS Adam Smith is primed for war, The USS King Washington was made for peace. Whenever the ISS Adam Smith is consigned to the drydock for repairs, Fludicus and his crew are transferred to the assault cruiser for their peaceful missions. More than capable in defending itself, the USS King Washington also serves a ceremonial role as the current flagship for the Federation's Diplomatic Mission to the Romulan Republic, where many events and exchanges between the Federation and the Romulan Republic are held.

Next time: We enter into the stories of Fludicus... Our premiere story... the last Days of the USS Starlight Pony.

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