Meeting the Fortitude: an Anniversary Story
Well, I guess this would be the first story that I would post here... 

This was written as a prequel to Attilio's Spinoff of Scylla and Charybdis. The USS King Washington was on its way to the STOA's Anniversary event. Consider this how the King Washington got into the frey...

I would introduce you all to Fludicus' Crew in a proper posting but... I have assembled two of his senior officers for this story....



Meeting the Fortitude: an Anniversary Story

Brief Cast list:
Captain Fludico Meso Suddundus aka Fludicus
Commander Mirra Asiura (First Officer; Andorian)
Commander Thron Altodav (Engineering Chief; Andorian)
Lieutenant Freddy Dei Stuneevo (Engineering/Arrangements; Alien)

"Captain Fludicus' log, supplemental...

This is my first time attending an STO Academy Anniversary event, more so meeting the Admiral of the Fleet Attilio Varrak himself. I had always wanted to meet the seemingly elusive leader of the STO Academy, who I only know from reputation thus far.

I have heard of his flagship the USS Fortitude and its legendary exploits in frontier space. Despite earning my reputation in fighting the Borg and being commended for my unexpected stint on New Romulus, I am inclined to believe that meeting the Admiral himself would not be a simple affair. As the ISS Adam Smith has entered a much-needed refit from its recent patrol, I have been forced to rely on a more... ceremonial vessel that served me well on my more peaceful missions..."

The USS King Washington speeds through subspace, leaving a cold blue trail in its wake. The Sovereign-class vessel's grey exterior, seemingly cold as the Breen technology installed aboard, hides the crew it houses and the anxiety they have for the upcoming assignment.

In the ready Room, Captain Fludicus checked his PADD for the third time this day. Meeting an Admiral is no cake walk. The STO Academy's leader is another league though.

"Captain, I am certain that meeting the Admiral wouldn't need so much preparation," First Officer Mirra said, "It's not the first time you met an admiral."

"This is no ordinary meet," the captain said,"We would be with the rest of the Amarda, each of them veterans on their own right. Sure, we have made a name in some parts of the Federation and in Starfleet. But we are bound to rub shoulders with those who have travelled far and wide and more."

"You have a point sir," Mirra conceded, "Many are veterans of the Klingon-Federation war. Others have just returned from battles within the Delta Quadrant."

"And let's not get into those who are fighting whatever the Klingons call them..." Fludicus struggled to recall the name, "the Hur'q is it?"

"That's what they are called," Mirra replied. Before she could elaborate, a comlink chime rang out.

"Bridge to Captain...," an unsteady voice came on the comlink, "we are approaching the arranged coordinates..."

"Acknowledged Lieutenant," Fludicus replied, "Just maintain course and speed. I will be coming in a moment."

Fludicus cast aside the PADD, and the got up, "Freddy did a good job making sure the bridge is done up. Not bad for someone who underperforms considering how mothballed this ship gets."

"He will get used to all this..." Mirra said, "We just need time."

"Speaking of...," Fludicus then pressed his commadge to open a channel to Engineering.


The Breen warp core was humming with the energies that should be hot as a sun yet are now cold to touch. Being a Breen technology this should be only be happening within Breen ships. That all changed when Starfleet and the Alliance had found ways to jury rig them for general use, thanks to several intact warp cors from captured or disabled Breen ships.

Commander Thron Altodav was not exactly looking forward to tinkering with the warp core, not when the ship has an appointment to make. A call from the Captain confirmed that it had gotten a little more urgent.

"Fludicus to Engineering," the captain began, "Report."

Commander Thron wasted no time to reply, "All's as usual Captain. The Breen warp core and its engines are running at maximum power as ordered."

"Any change in the warp speed?"

"No sir. No faster than warp 12.37."

Thron could sense the disappointment within Fludicus despite the silence. It was broken by yet another question, "Is the slipstream drive ready?"

"Not yet, and any case, it's not advisable to use it at this time," Thron reported, "We are still recharging the Quantum Slipstream Drive from that last stretch..."

"Acknowledged Tron," Fludicus cut him short, then softly, "I miss the Adam Smith..."

"I cannot blame you sir," Thron quietly agreed, "But she needs the rest. We are doing our best..."


Fludicus came onto the bridge just as the USS King Washington dropped out of warp. Lieutenant Freddy Dei Stuneevo was on the captain's seat, still tense from the moment he was given command of the bridge.

"At ease Freddy," Fludicus said, "It's my turn now..."

Freddy got off the Captain's seat, clearly trembling from the nervousness, "We picked up the fleet assembled just a minute back. We are now approaching them on impulse..."

Fludicus knew that meant that the event could have started... or was about to. It also meant that the King Washington had no time for the finer details of their participation.

"Take helm Freddy, you know the drill."

As the lieutenant took control of the helm and began to steer the ship into position, Fludicus caught sight of the starship in the centre of the formed-up fleet. It clearly resembled a Sovereign-class Vessel, much like the Enterprise-E and the King Washington. The only difference was its clean 25th-century white finish, something that made it stand out from the grey base of the Enterprise-E or the Steely look of the King Washington.

It had to be the Armada Flagship. There was no other way...

"Captain, we are being hailed," one of the bridge officers reported from Fludicus' left.

"By who?" Fludicus had already guessed who it was.

"It's the USS Fortitude," Freddy interjected, "and they are asking..."

***Well.... I suppose we all know what happened next*

I am about to write a sequel to his story, again centring on Fludicus and his ship... assuming that it is clear with the Admiralty.

If anyone wants me to write them in... Just call me. I am dying to have a collab that makes it to the fleet canon. Vulcan***

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