Free TOS Tunic bundle from MMORPG and Cryptic for Season 7
Combine it on the ladies with a skirt of the same colour as the tunic and you have a fancy little outfit
And thanks to Mr Chris Herr - another freebie for Monty, Monti and, well, not for Mon'T at all, the dirty Klingon that she is, she gets nothing..................
I'm glad you had good luck with PWE Support. When I was trying to link my Gold Account to PWE I had nothing but trouble and the PWE Support page was worse than useless. It just sent me in circles with computer generated instructions that the website wouldn't let me follow. After two weeks of computer generated FAQs answering every question but the one I asked and one unhelpful message from a real person, I finally got a response which gave me the key piece of information I needed to figure out what was wrong. (Their Support staff never did figure it out, but I sent the guy who inadvertently helped me a thank you note anyway.) If they had used real people instead of automated responses, a competent computer geek could have diagnosed my problem in about ten seconds instead of the two weeks it took them to not diagnose it.
Thanks! Though I got the TOS Dress Uniform which is kinda ugly LOL. I was excited at the chance to get one of those blue mini skirt TOS uniforms. I wanted my wife to get one for halloween but she said no =(
Just a note, if you have trouble getting any of them, email PWE support. I got my medical outfit that way and I don't think I actually did anything to get the code. They just added it in.

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