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I've noticed that there is at least some interest in what some would consider unusual activites in-game. For instance, cruiser only STF's, ground runs based on using just melee weapons and such. I frankly think that such activites wouldn't only be good for those who want to participate, but for the fleet as well. IMO, it would give new folks a chance to get to know longstanding members (tactics/personalities/strengths) in fun and challenging environments. Such situations would also offer all participants a chance to freshen and expand their skillsets.

Some ideas:

1. I mentioned our cruiser only run. I really enjoyed it. It forced me, as a tac/escort centric stick-in-the mud, to look at things very differently.

2. Combined arms tactics. Runs based on using different ship/captain combinations with an eye towards what works best in differing mission types. For example, the group would decide to try two escorts, two cruisers and a sci in, say, CSE. All those involved would agree beforehand what their roles would be and stick to them. I wouldn't limits runs like this to space either.

My preference would be that runs of this type be 0 pressure, to avoid anyone thinking that a mistake would displease the team. It should be fun above all else, but if the participants walk away with added skills, that would be peaches too.

Now, please, use this beautiful forum that Attilio has provided the fleet to broach your own ideas on how we can have some fun as group.

Freedom of speech??

Mad? Not really, not anymore. "Formally angry" would be a much better way to describe my emotional state.

yar-yar! Wink
Either or both approaches would be fine with me, Chris.
I think those are some great ideas and I can see how the fleet would have fun with them.

I like that idea chrisherr not only do I have mirror ship but I'll be making the Breen ship my main
Love all the ideas, especially the all cruiser STFs.
Is there a way to get the non faction ships now besides just plain luck with lock boxes?
buying them off the exchange for a ludicrous price
I picked one each of the mirror deep space science and I think reconissance for about 100k ec total the other day. Though really they arent that different then regular fed ships.

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