[LFF] Theorycrafter requests your support
Dear members of the STO Academy,

as you can see from the topic of this thread I'am a theorycrafter, who is looking for a fleet to join up.
My primary activity in STO is designing ship fittings that are in theory "good" respectively "playable" for a certain task you will usually encounter in PvE or PvP.
My focus is on science ships fitted to deal a lot of AoE/Exotic damage because I like the scientistic career and ships in general. But I do also create fittings for any other ships, career paths or tasks.
Although I have lesser experience in playing the game since I do play STO roughly a year, I do consider myself to be an above average gamer since I read a lot of Wiki articels and had the chance to talk to experienced players, who kinda teached me and gave me game knowledge of much value.
Because there are so many ways to fit a ship I'am really into crafting ship fittings and so I'am looking for like-minded people, who I hope to find here in the STO Academy.

But, as you can imagine, all the theory is nothing without testing the actual build. So, beside looking for like-minded people, who share my passion for theorization fittings, I need players, who have the time, interest and the required equipment (ships, items, ECs etc.) to conduct those tests. All fittings are shared with each other for free of course.
I would also appreciate some "job fittings", if someone desires a fitting for a specific purpose, task, playstyle, roleplay etc. Happy

That's why I'm asking in this forum: Is anyone willing to participate on these theorycrafting and fitting tests on a regular base?

I do not have any character at the moment since I deleted it to start new after my abstinence from STO. A further problem is at the moment, that my onboard graphics are way to bad to play STO in a suitable way. This means- for now -that I will only participate on your STO Academy via Discord or Teamspeak until I get a new graphics card.

At this point I save the introduction of myself in the case of interest from your Academy.

Lastly, I thank you for your time to read my request.
It's too bad that you aren't available in game. I would avcually enjoy participating in this to at least some extent. I've been into theorycrafting since FFXI, through WoW, and now into this. I've been working on my exo/torp build in my eternal myself.
Hi PyongYang Gaming,

Thank you for your interest in our fleet Smile

Unfortunately however we require you to be able to play the game to be in  the fleet. However you are more than welcome to post your builds and be involved in any and all conversations here on the forums.

Feel free to get in touch when you are able to play the game again as we would be more than happy to have you then.

Hopefully see you out there soon.

Yeah, I would love to talk in game about it and work with you. I'll keep checking around here though. I haven't heard a reply from you as of yet!

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