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Sooo... as a relatively new player, I have played through one character as straight tactical and then created a science alt (but now actually my main), ultimately looking at my tac character as a practice/test run through. Now that I've got a better understanding and handle of everything, I'm looking into fine tuning, catching up with the veterans of 5 years... and trying to gather as much advice from them as I can. So my question IS:

When distributing points in the skill tree, the majority go tactical all the way to frenzied assault regardless of their character's profession. I realize my build depends on what I want to do ... or what I want out of the game... what is fun to me... and honestly, I'm not entirely sure yet. I did tactical, now I want to do straight science... all the way. So would any of you more experienced veterans out there offer me some suggestions as to what my skill tree should look like in order to benefit the most from it? 

My science character is lvl 60 and I followed the science tree all the way to 'Probability Manipulation' ... but I'm unsure of the points I've allocated to the other trees as far as what's > than what. So any advice, suggestions, and/or guidelines you seasoned players can offer would be greatly appreciated and considered carefully. Thank you! ... and here is a screen shot of my skill tree. 

[Image: 27459792_10208724947640017_2908490275888...e=5B16F495]

P.S. I've gone dual heavy cannons as opposed to the more popular and conventional beam arrays... simply because I've tried the beam arrays and didn't like the gameplay at all. With dual cannons, I just feel more ... involved... with only a '45 degree arc, I really have to focus; on the other hand, with the T6 Pilot Raptor, I can almost turn on a dime, so it isn't hard to keep my target within my arc Wink

I'm new to the forum and looking through some of the posts. I can't see the image you posted which may be why you haven't had any replies. If this is something you're still working on I'd be happy to help of you post a link to your skills. My mains a sci and whilst I've taken the scitorp route there may be some things I've found out over the years that might be of use!
Don't let the title full you. I have links to my (Full SCI) builds.

For the Tac, it is a bit more refined, but the ground is the same for all Builds.

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