Need advice for Budget EC Retrofit Build.
(02-02-2018, 06:48 AM)Trudard Wrote: Terran is alright - I  use the warp core and engines along with nukera deflector and shield The teran beam array is good as well.

Might go with them then for the set, now I just need to figure out what to add alongside my Saucer Separation and trellium-D consoles for engineering.
RCS engineering - I think you can re-engineer them at UR+ to get EPS, which improves power transfer
(02-02-2018, 05:02 PM)Trudard Wrote: RCS engineering - I think you can re-engineer them at UR+ to get EPS, which improves power transfer

Actually the current build I'm running, despite being the jem'hadar set and dominion polarons, has done pretty well recently, I dunno wif it has to do with the new consoles I got from those rep missions but for some reason it's performing a lot better in battlezones and red alerts.
Ok, I finally came up with a build that I like, my one issue is power transfer, my weapons lose power rather quickly, any suggestions on how I can remedy it without having to use the C-Store?
There is your skill tree and a number of consoles taht can help.

Have you completed any reputations to level five - there are some good space sets, Terran Warp / Engines are good.
Ok I updated the build to include my current skill tree, Its mainly based on one I found on reddit:

as for rep I have Terran, Delta, Omega, Romulan and Dyson at level 2, I'll probably work at getting them to level 5. But how is my build overall, any suggestions in regards to changes needed? Would any of the specializations help with my power flow issue?
(01-30-2018, 03:12 PM)b257 Wrote: Hey Guys, I've been running an Engineer Toon with a  Galaxy class retrofit T5U with a Dominion Theme using Dominion Polaron Beams and Jem'Hadar Space set for Missions and I want to dabble in PVE but I know I'll need to respec and get a new ship build. i've searched around but I haven't found any builds which fit my budget and most use consoles that aren't available due to being event only or taken from c'store ships. I'm reliant on sets and drops from Missions and so far I'm considering either the Sol Defense or Kobali Space set as for weapons I'm leaning towards Disruptors since I'm on a budget. Any advice, Sorry if i'm not as detailed as I should be but I'm new when it comes to PVE and PVP Builds.

don't knock T5U's... they can be very viable in pve.  Crafted disruptors, mission rewards, fleet consoles.... there are myriad ways to outfit any ship without breaking the bank.  I've got a T5U Kar'fi carrier that actually took 1st place in one CCA run so don't dispair. Use the forums, the skill planner, youtube and wiki as well as your fleet mates. Just remember to craft a ship that is FUN for you..... there is no such thing as the 'perfect' ship.


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