Advice on creating a romulan tank
Hi guys, i was tester and founder for this game and all, but there are a lot o years im out of it, earlier this week i saw a lot of ST Discovery on Netflix and ended up thinking alot about returning to STO, for some time at least, and play a lot of things i`ve never did, so the thing is, i`m almost always tank on mmos, my original toon was Fed, but i`ll be deleting everything and rolling a romulan, witch i want to also be a tank (Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser on endgame or something alike), so would really apreciate some advice on a Romulan Tank, whats what and everything. Thanks in advance.
Most people focus either on DPS or crowd control and heals with science. Thats not to say you can't build an effective tank and be of use. The main thing to look at would be the spec tree and equipping the correct consoles that promote hull integrity /restoration. I would imagine engineers would make the best tank captains.
really good videos on tank creation on youtube.... by astro gaming i believe, who has mentioned jamesbryce by name, and did a video for michael gill on the channel too.  good stuff out there.

Astro Zombie gaming does excellent videos. I recommend visiting youtube and watching all relevant videos to your build. Good luck and welcome back to STO.

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