Re-Engineerable epic modifiers
So I was wondering, into what we could re-engineer the epic modifiers. So I went onto the Tribble Test Server to find out.

Unfortunately it seems you can not re-engineer any of the following:
  • Reputation equipment
  • Lobi equipment
  • Fleet equipment
  • most of mission-specific reward equipment
  • crafted Warp / Singularity Cores
  • (crafted) Kit Frames

But you can at least re-engineer the epic modifiers of the following:

Ground Armor (Click to View)
Ground Shields (Click to View)
Ground Weapons (Click to View)
Deflectors (Click to View)
Secondary Deflectors (Click to View)
Impulse Engines (Click to View)
Starship Shields (Click to View)
Starship Weapons (Beams / Cannons / Projectiles) (Click to View)
according to the buildmasters over on Reddit, CrtD/Dmg is the mod to go for.
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
I've noticed a lot of different items that break the rules. It actually seems more like in a lot of circumstances there are no rules. It's like they just went through the locked off categories and said well, we'll add this, and that, and this to what can be modded. I wish we had some kind of database.
Sorry the Mattock can not be re-engineered (at least not my version of it).
I very much doubt it otherwise they would have grouped it near to upgrade weekend or even combined it. Still you never know
Speaking of which, I wish I had been able to do a lot more in the last upgrade weekend. I spent a TON of dil the week before it happened...

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