Discovery LockBox
Based on the description of the consoles, I just hope it won't create a lag fest in PVE queues.

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(01-19-2018, 08:18 PM)Chris Wrote: I've always really liked the look of the Shenzhou, and am thinking about the Walker-class Light Exploration Cruiser [T6].  But am not a big lobi owner/broker and need to refresh my memory on how to score Lobi (Hopefully something other then buying lockboxes for their lobi....)

Only way to get lobi is through the opening of lock boxes Sad
welp folks, we knew this day was coming.

now it's just a matter of who's ecstatic and who's still pissed about getting STD shipolus.


that ground phaser though... looks mighty tasty

i really wish the shenzhou was the lockbox ship instead... though having it a lobi ship means it'll always be available.  discovery should have been the next R&D promo ship (cause i agree it'll be a lagfest with those animations.)
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i saw this box and it almost made me want to come back and play STO but then i remembered how terrible cryptic support is

I might invest in the new phaser rifle on my tac captain

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(01-24-2018, 04:48 AM)Chris Wrote: Greetings,

  It didn't take long to see the new ships tonight.   Both seem pretty neat looking, but I was surprised they were so large compared to the constitution class vessel.

Anyone have experience flying these guys?


yup, they are in jj scale Sad

Be forewarned, there are now indications that the Mirror Defiant Connie *MAY* get the same bloating.
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
I opened 280 of them the last time, and no ship! Haha.
And the Odyssey keeps shrinking.....

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I got the Crossfield from opening 40 boxes (Lucky me). The ship is nice, not a big fan of the boff layout, but that could just be me. 

The black Alert T5 Mastery while sounding cool, I can't really tell if its more of a cool gimmick or if its actually helping damage wise. 

The Mycelium Ambush drive, can really pump out some good damage, the hardest part it getting it lined up properly. When you teleport forward, you are unable to move or tun. Meaning you could really lose out on a lot of its effects if you accidently teleport beyond your target and now don't have most of your weapons facing them. But when you get it right, you can melt faces pretty quickly in that short amount of time.

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